The Lynx Project Lincoln-Mercury’s Lost Dream Car


July 2007

Hi Lynx Team Member:

To guide everyone’s aspect of The Lynx Project, I have prepared The Lynx Style Manual. This project-wide, comprehensive document was created in consultation with many team members, and is available here to assist you in the construction and presentation of your element of The Lynx Project. Thank you for your patience and dedication to this great project.

Please contact me with any questions that you might have about any part of The Lynx Style Manual. I see the Manual as a work-in-progress can certainly be improved upon – your suggestions are warmly welcomed. You can e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Links to The Lynx Style Manual:

Entire Lynx Project Manual: If you want to read the entire manual which includes a comprehensive description of the four Lynx prototypes, the additional vehicles, the dioramas, and the many miscellaneous items, you can download/view this 8.84 mb PDF

Description of all four Lynx Prototypes: If you want to read just about the construction and detailing of the four Lynx prototypes, please download/view this 675 kb PDF

Description of the Related Vehicles: If you want to read about the related vehicles (e.g., Super Marauder, Super Cyclone, Mustang Vivace and so forth), please download/view this 1.83 mb PDF.

Description of the Dioramas: If you want to check out the great dioramas (e.g., Cobo Hall, Alitalia, Bertone, Ford styling courtyard, the Detroit warehouse dioramas, whether as a vehicle builder or one of our dioramists, please download/view this 6.33 mb PDF

Miscellaneous Lynx Project Items: If you want to read about the book, the “props,” the reconstructed advertisements (wait until you see what we’ve got up your sleeves!), and the like, please download/view this 252kb PDF

Of course, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat version 7, and you can get it here