The Lynx Project Lincoln-Mercury’s Lost Dream Car

Project Note

The Lynx Project is presenting, in a series of exquisite scale models, the remarkable history of the Lincoln-Mercury Lynx prototypes. Based upon a surprisingly wide array of vintage photographs, selected builders from the 18 States in the United States, Finland and Turkey have constructed faithful miniatures of the many vehicles and dioramas associated with the history of the Lynx, including scale models of vehicles that were not a direct part of the one-time suppressed history of these concept cars. When the scale models are placed in the scale-authentic dioramas of key places and events in the history of the Lynx dream cars, the viewer will be able to fully appreciate the full and rich history of these cars which understanding would not be possible if scale representations of the venues and vehicles had not been constructed.

Please enjoy the list of builders and check out the photos of the referenced projects whether or not completed at the time of this website update (July 2016).

When the project is presented at the 27th GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention (2019), we will show the original photos of the history of the cars which images have been consulted by the incredible array of some of the hobby’s greatest builders.

Updated July 2016
The Lynx Project : Scale Model Duplication

Builder, Residence

Lynx Project Models/ Diorama, Related items

Status (as of Jan. 2016)


Tim Ahlborn

Construction of Mercury COE and two trailers used to transport the Lynx prototypes to various show venues.

Models finished, needing only photo-etched parts installed and minor final assembly.



Juha Airio

Built replica of the Comet Super Cyclone and the T-Bird Italien which vehicles were constructed at Dearborn Steel Tubing when the first, second and third Lynx prototype construction was underway.

Super Cyclone and Italien are fully finished.

Super Cyclone


Steve Allemand

1/25 factory decals for engines in Lynx prototypes.  Decals essential for the realism of scale miniatures that tell the Lynx story.

Decals are finished.

To be posted

Paul Anagnostopoulos (USA, Massachusetts)

Book layout, publishing

Book layout work still to be done.


Dale Angell
(USA, Utah)

Video restoration of vintage Lincoln-Mercury film on Lynx cars

Presently rescuing the vintage 1964 L-M promotional film on the Lynx prototype program.


Mark Benton
(USA, Utah)

Web Site design

Maintains website


Don Berry,
(USA, Utah)

Mustang II model. Model will be finished as the partially-completed concept car in parking lot of DST.

Model is partially finished “ needs finishing.

Mustang II, as under-construction at Dearborn Steel Tubing

Dan Booker

Early work on Mustang II concept car

Model turned to Don Berry for finishing.

Early photo not available.

Steve Boutte
(USA, LA, Emeritus)

Early work on scale replica of the Thunderbird Italien

Model finished and detailed by Juha Airio

Early photo not available.

Bill Bozgan

Historical Research at Ford, historical consultant. Consultant regarding Ford corporate history “ locating documents, checking drafts of book.

Work ongoing


Randy Derr

Scale model of the Lynx-1 prototype.

Model completed in April 2015, displayed at GSL-XXV




Jim Devine

Constructing ‘63 Mercury Caliente “text mule”

This vehicle was created in early 1963 to test out the mechanical layout and other details of the Lynx prototype program.

Photo Coming.

Bob Downie

Early work on model of Mercury Super Marauder (Emeritus Status)

Partially finished model turned to Steve Perry for finishing.

Early build   photos not available.

Wayne Egbert
(USA, Utah)

Construction of Project exhibition tables

Construction of Project display infrastructure won’t start until early 2019.

Not applicable

Mike Felix

Initial construction work on replica of Bertone Mustang.  Mike turned the project to Len Woodruff who assumed responsibility to finish the model in November of 2015.

Len Woodruff has elected to start afresh on replica project. .  

Not applicable

Jim Fernandez

Construction of Lynx prototype body bucks for the Bertone carrozzeria shop diorama; completing scale fixtures for diorama of Bertone diorama

Bertone diorama is finished. Scale wood bucks used by Bertone to build Lynx prototypes 2,3 and 4 are finished.

Body assembly jig

Bertone shop

Bertone bucks for Lynx Nos. 2,3 and 4

Bill Geary,

Construction of an unfinished model of the T-Bird Italien.  Model will appear in the Dearborn Steel Tubing diorama constructed by Don Strong.

Scale model is unfinished.

Unfinished  construction version of Italien

Jeremiah Gladstone (USA, Utah)

Project presentation documents and signage.

Will start work in Fall of 2018.

Not applicable

Phil Gladstone
(USA, Utah)

Management of GSL-XXVI presentation

Will start his management of display in early 2019.  

Not applicable

Ric Golding,
(Scale Equipment Limited, USA, FL)

Donation of resin castings for Bertone Carrozzeria diorama

Diorama parts donations made in 2009; items appear in Bertone diorama that Fernandez built.

Not available  

Cody Grayland

Some machined parts.  (Greg Nichols providing currently-needed parts for scale model miniatures).

Parts provided in 2008.

Borraini Wheel

Ford Generator

Mark S. Gustavson
(USA, Utah)

Building models of Lynx-2, Lynx-4, Mustang Vivace, and Pegasus all built by Dearborn Steel Tubing.

Author of history of project, Project coordination

Lynx prototypes and Vivace still under construction.  Pegasus model is finished.

(Vivace is a collaborative project with Doug Whyte).

Unfinished Lynx-4

Mustang Vivace

Mustang Pegasus

Ken Hamilton,
(USA, New Jersey, Emeritus)

Early construction of Indiana  warehouse where the Lynx prototypes were discovered (working with Don Strong)

Ken roughed in the basic structure of warehouse diorama after which he turned finishing tasks to Don Strong.

Early stage Indiana warehouse diorama

Bill Helm

Book editing; scheduling, consulting.

Editing work will start early 2017.

Not applicable

Charlie Henry,

Historical research on Dearborn Steel Tubing

Ongoing historical research on Dearborn Steel Tubing.

Not applicable

Paul Hettick

Construction of scale ‘63 Meteor and ‘63 Comet for placement in Ford styling studio diorama “ to be used to tell the history of the styling development of Lynx prototypes.

Models completed in early 2015.

1964 Comet

1963 Meteor

Don Holthaus
(The Modelhaus, USA, IL)

Providing resin copies of Lynx bodies

Resin copies of Lynx-2 were used by builders to craft first, third and fourth prototypes

Photo not available.

Mark D. Jones,

Scale decals for scale miniature vehicles: engine compartment, instruments, exterior livery

Work will start in April 2016.

Photos not yet available.

Andy Kellock

Construction of partially-finished Lynx prototype number Two that will be placed in the Bertone body assembly jig that Fernandez built which, in turn, will be placed in the diorama of carrozzeria Bertone (circa 1964).  Also scratchbuilt masters for many parts used in construction of Lynx prototypes.

Andy turned the partially finished Lynx-2 to Gustavson for completion.  

Aluminum body of Lynx-3

Lynn Koberna
(USA, Utah)

Creating Facebook page to acquaint the public with the history of the Lynx prototypes and the Project

Work not yet started.

Not applicable

Gary Kulchock
(USA, West Virginia)

Digital conversion of Bob Wick-created art for creation of photo etched parts.

Phase One parts created, Phase Two p/e project will start in mid-2016.

Not applicable

Art Laski

(As car was first configured by Dearborn Steel Tubing in preparation for coachwork by Bertone)

Project started

No photo available

George Layton,
(USA, Utah)

Building replica of Bordinat Cobra

Model partially finished.

Unfinished Bordinat Cobra

Photo etched parts

Vince LoBosco,

Building third Lynx prototype

Model is partially finished.

Lynx-2 unfinished model.  

X-1 Mustang III

Dave McGaughey

Machining parts

Work not started yet.

No photo available

Mike Napoleon

Construction of equipment and artifacts for Carrozzeria Bertone diorama. Introduced project to Korkut Varol who’s building a black box diorama of the DC-8 Alitalia jet liner that delivered the Lynx prototypes to Idlewild airport in 1964-65.

Work incorporated into the Indiana warehouse.

No photo available


Greg Nichols,

Machining parts for Lynx prototypes 2,4 and Mustang Vivace

Work will start in Spring of 2016.

No photo available yet

Tom Nungester

Construction of Lynx-3   

Project started

No photo available

Harold Oswald

Building the Ford Styling Studio

Diorama finished.  

Diorama of Ford Styling Studio

Steve Perry

Completing the detailed model of the Mercury Super Marauder that Bob Downie started

Partially finished model displayed at GSL-XXV in 2015.

Super Marauder

Steve Roullier

Providing research photo of Ford mechanical details, mastering 5-bolt 289 scale parts; building models of Safari and Durability  Comets

Models finished.

  ‘64 Durability Comet, ‘64 Safari Comet, ‘63 Fairlane Thunderbolt


Mike Smith
(USA, Utah)

Auto restoration specialist and technical consultant, restoration of the prototypes

Work continues on restoring 1:1 prototypes

Photos embargo until project debut in 2019.

Don Strong

Built three dioramas: Indiana warehouse where most of Lynx prototypes were discovered; Cobo Hall where L-M Caravan of Stars program debuted, and Dearborn Steel Tubing where many cars, and all Lynx prototypes, were constructed.  

Work finished.

Indiana warehouse  

Cobo Hall  

#30 Dearborn Steel Tubing shop

Mike Swan,

Historic research into Alitalia transport planes for early Sixties.

Consulting work ongoing.


Korkut Varol

Constructing diorama where Alitalia DC-8 cargo plane delivered the three Lynx prototypes to New York

Work should be completed in late Spring.  Then, diorama is then shipped from Turkey.

Scissors Jack

ACCESS at prompt:   “team” and “member”

Norm Veber  
(Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland, USA)

Resin casting parts for various scale model vehicle items for diorama.  

Casting work is ongoing.

Not applicable

Doug Whyte

“Accurized” early Gustavson body of Mustang Vivace to better match photos of original car.  Model turned back Gustavson for final construction.

Also, Doug is “rescuing” of vintage early Sixties photos of project.

Consults with Gustavson about how to

Vivace rear view

Vivace front clip

Bob Wick

Book editing, consultation, fabrication of GSL-XXV presentation.  Creating art for all photoetch parts.

Work is ongoing.

Not applicable

Len Woodruff

Completing the construction of the Bertone Mustang which will be placed in the Bertone carrozzeria alongside Lynx-4 which was built concurrently.  

Model under construction.

Photo to be supplied.

Roger Yu
(USA, Hawaii)

Document and photo restoration and restoration of rare IMC Model Kit (circa 1965).

Work will start in late 2016.

Not applicable